We are an Export Import Company based out of North India specializing in Merchandise Exports in the International Trade Market wherein we believe in providing the best solutions to our Customers.

Proper market research along with abundant Data analysis & futuristic vision is what defines our Competency & Accountability. Our firm is led by seniors & experienced personnel in this Industry , who have the professional expertise to their credit.

Our commitment lies in building value for both our Buyers & Manufacturers. The management team at Astect Overseas Pvt ltd is always available for discussion & consultation, and we choose the best, long term solutions for better outcomes of our Export Import Solutions. Our team based approach and strategies to market ourselves in this Global Trade Business helps us to achieve our Goals & satisfied customers in this diversified market.

So if you are worried about going the distance, don’t worry, we are here to bridge the gap of opportunities and scalability.


Integrity and Ethics:

Our Company places a high value on integrity and ethical business practices. It adheres to legal and regulatory requirements and conducts its operations in a transparent and honest manner.

Sustainability and Social Responsibility:

We recognize the importance of

sustainable business practices and environmental

stewardship and take steps to minimize

their environmental impact

and contribute positively

to the communities they operate in.

Employee Development and Well-being:

We values our employees invests

in their development, provide opportunities

for growth, and foster a supportive work environment. Henceforth, providing

work-life balance and employee well-being



Our mission at ASTEC OVERSEAS PVT. LTD. is to be a leading global player in the export industry, dedicated to delivering superior products and services to our international clients. We strive to build long-term partnerships with customers worldwide, providing them with high-quality products that meet their specific needs and exceed their expectations.

We are committed to excellence in every aspect of our operations,

from sourcing and production to logistics

and customer service.

We aim to consistently deliver on-time shipments of premium products,

maintaining the highest standards of quality and

By adhering to responsible sourcing,

manufacturing, and distribution

practices, we strive to

contribute positively to the communities

we operate in and the planet as a whole.


GLOBAL EXPANSION :At ASTEC OVERSEAS, we are constantly working on ways to expand our presence in international markets and becoming a global leader in the industry.


 Core aspect of our Company lies in delivering

high-quality products or services that meet or exceed

customer expectations.


We aim to be at the forefront

of innovation, constantly seeking new ways to improve its

products, processes, and customer experience.

About the TEAM

Mr. Aakash Singh

  • An entrepreneur working as The Founder & Chief Operating Officer of Astec Overseas Pvt. Ltd having a deep understanding of Global Trade and a passion for connecting businesses across borders and has a vision of becoming a leading player in the export industry.
  • As a Founder he recognized the untapped potential of international markets and envisioned a company that would bridge the gap between suppliers and buyers worldwide.
  • Mr. Aakash assumes a multifaceted role, overseeing the day-to-day operations of the company’s export activities further responsible for managing the supply chain, coordinating logistics, and ensuring timely delivery of goods to customers across different countries.
  • Ms. Aakash’s strategic mindset and market insights have driven the Company to identify emerging markets and capitalize on new business opportunities. He actively explores partnerships and collaborations to diversify the company’s product offerings and expand its customer base.

Mr. Pawan Chauhan

  • A key partner in the Firm having an experience of Manufacturing business for more than 15years.
  • Has consistently demonstrated expertise in the manufacturing sector, earning a solid reputation for innovation, reliability and customer satisfaction.
  • Stands as a beacon of excellence in the manufacturing industry through his commitment to Quality, Innovation, sustainability and customer satisfaction hence continue to shape the future of manufacturing while leaving a positive impact on Global business landscape.

Mr. Manoj Rawat

  • A key partner in the Firm having an experience of more than 20 Years in the world of logistics & freight forwarders.
  • Contributing to the firm by adding his expertise for overseeing and managing all aspects of an Organization’s logistical operations.
  • Plays a critical role in ensuring the smooth flow of goods and materials across the globe ,further, optimizing the process and driving cost efficiencies.
  • Mr. Manoj’s expertise in international trade laws, regulations, and market trends enables Astec Overseas Pvt. Ltd. to navigate complex customs procedures, compliance requirements, and documentation processes seamlessly.

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